Trung Dung Trading & Production Co.,Ltd

CEO Brief

"  Establishing Trung Dung Trading and Production Co,..Ltd  in 2003, it was more than a turning point of my life, it was also a turning point in TrungDung company history. I profoundly felt the immense responsibility, especially with the hard time of the first period of forming and developing company, how to lead everyone together to make great effort and to strive in order to tide over this wave of difficulties, will be my top priority as the CEO of Trung Dung Trading and ProductionCo..,Ltd.

First of all, I want to thank my wife whom is co-founder of TrungDung company, for her year after year of hardworking with the most meticulous care every hour and every minute of her life for the future development of TrungDung. Our  perseverance has resulted TrungDung to grow and to make profit year after year. Next I would like to thank all the workers of TrungDung  in factory for their dedication, devotion, and hard work that have created TrungDung today. 

Today, with such mission on my shoulder, I will conduct myself proactively and cautiously for the future of TrungDung  and for everyone, by exerting myself to my best ability to work together with every member of TrungDung."

-- CEO --